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Event Management

Lavinia Group offers to his guests an exclusive area for  baptism celebrations,graduation party and polished weddind parties or conventions and conferences.  Special days of our lives must celebrate in a unique way in order that to imprint in our dearest memories. Therefore these moments must be organizzed in the smallest details, calling a professional team available entirely for you.

In this way you will obtain a quality result. Creativity, logistics and diligence are the fundamentals of the event management. It deals with an accurate planning and coordination activities. Golden rule: confirm that all perfectly operate. Once identify the emotions to comunicate to your guests Lavinia Group is going to plan involvement activieties in different areas made available. 

We are going to give you a unforgettable result through table, chairs and audio/visual machinery disposition care and a welcoming service. Your guests will  be feeling engaged and partecipating, pleased for the addressed attention. 


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Accommodation facilities

Accommodation facilities role is to guarantee an efficient hospitality service, making available rooms for different typology of event. As a matter of fact Lavinia Group is the perfect structures complex thought up to accomodate celebrations, wedding parties or  conventions and conferences. For the ancient Greek hospitality was an importante duty, while in current society prevails the tendency to withdraw from others, within our intimacy. Although to be hospitable has been become a missing manner Lavinia Group wants to give it value.  Our philosophy consists in the “receive art”, opening eyes wide, arms and mind to the guests than will choose us. Hospitality has an exact meaning: the guest becames, from time to time, the landloard. Lavinia Group aereas make sense through his guests experiences. 

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Puglia: the most appreciated location for Events, Weddings and Meetings

Characterized by a fantastic summer seasons, with an even increasing tourists flow compared to previous years, nowadays Apulia is on top of the most favorite destinations for events, weddings and meetings. Our winning card is the offer, alongside the classic beach holiday, of a special backcountry which is, from an artistic, cultural and gastronomic point of view, very rich.
Our villages, countryside, farms and bike paths, they all have their uniqueness and authenticity and it will allow many and varied travel experiences.
We are becoming a mature destination and we have to be up to the opportunities that the market is offering, engaging ourselves in an even better reception; we need also to offer products that meet the demand of contemporary tourists. 


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Built your event

Welcome your guests with an idea that not only gives them a comprehensive view of the event, but it surprises and delights them, making them the co-stars and taking part of an unforgettable day.
Tell us about the kind of party that you’re dreaming for. Tell us about your passions, we’ll choose the theme of the event together. We will cure every detail: music, catering, cake, outfitting. We will guide you through the many choices and possibilities to amaze and entertain your guests and to be the protagonist of the party.


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Luxury Food

Made in Italy in the car industry, fashion, design, means luxury and a very limited edition that the world is contending. No exception for the “Made in Italy” luxury food.
The Executive Chef in Lavinia Group works by combining food and art in a mix with a remarkable result. "The arts follow the evolution of their time, because they are the mirror of the intelligence of the World" (Massimo Bottura). Cooking as art is "responsibility" because it carries messages that comes from technique, research, rigour, and especially from original ideas.
Art is emotion and Luxury food is the culinary expression, but beware, even the single product we enjoy as we find it in nature and untreated, can and wants to be exciting. Let's not forget that the extraordinary luxury-food is that it buys value, and has lived to the best, in the most serene conviviality.


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