We build events experiences
for evolving companies.

For 23 years of passion, Lavinia Grop is born, and it houses the historic reception room, born in 1993, Donna Lavinia, the most modern Lavinia Bianchi reception hall, the glamorous hotel and the Lavinia Meeting congress facility.
Lavinia Group is a heart based company and a passion for receiving art. A family-run but pro-rated business management. The combination of these two elements makes Lavia Gruop a solid partner for the organization of every "banqueting events" in Apulia

Our Team

Pastore Giuseppe

For all Peppino Pastore, a true family father of those few, with a magical intuition founded in 1993 the historic dining room Tenuta Donna Lavina,
Contributes in an effective way to the affirmation of the art of catering in Puglia and specifically in the Wedding in the province of Barletta Andria Trani.
Reference point for all members of the Lavinia Group team

Titti Pastore

Sales management
His name is linked to the birth of the Lavinia Bianchi Wedding & conferences brand, which today is the heart of the button. At the birth of the two daughters are the two fundamental moments of his career Pragmatic and precision, puts the strategic vision in the first place and goes straight to the result, thanks to the tenacity and a good deal of intuition.

Francesco Pastore

General Manger
Leadership is the key quality of Francesco's key feature for quick and fruitful handling of the issues. With its pronounced sense of problem solving, it tackles and solves problems with great cunning and offers its collaborators the tools to support it in its work. It represents the present-day future of Lavinia Group.

Antonio Sinigaglia

Event Manager
Relational skills first of all. Antonio (for all the Director) has focus, attention to the client and his goals To ensure the success of each event, you work with your team. Capable of listening to people and communicating with them effectively, understanding who is ahead and touching the right strings.