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Places that give dreams

Made with love

On the notes of elegance

Marriage is a roller coaster of emotions, which runs at full speed from joy to agitation, from emotion to excitement and then bursts into happiness.
We want to give you all these emotions.

We give dreams

The sparkle in the eyes and the white tulle tails, the incalculable joy of those who start a new life together and share it with those they love.
We have our fuel in emotions.

The most magical time of the year

The glamorous atmospheres and the elegance of the spaces are some of the ingredients that distinguish us. But there are times of the year that are more magical than others for making your wishes come true. Christmas is definitely one of these...

Lavinia Lab Panettone

A recipe created exclusively for Lavinia Lab by Executive Pastry Chef Tommaso Foglia with local almonds, chocolate and a new element, Maldon salt crumble.
Taste is subjective, quality is not.